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How To DualBoot Windows and Linux on the Same Hard Drive

In this video, we go over the installation of EndeavourOS and Windows 10.

Dual Booting Widows 10 and Linux is quite easy but I don’t recommend that you dual boot both Windows and Linux on the same hard drive. It is a better idea to use a dedicated hard drive for each OS, but in the case where you can’t and you want to use Linux while still being able to boot into Windows only on a single hard drive, you can, using the method below:

  • Install Windows 10 and allocate only half of the space for the creation of the windows partitions. In our example, we used a 120GB hard drive and split it down the middle, 60GB of Windows and 60GB for Linux. Of course, feel free to chose your own partition size.
  • Once Windows 10 is installed, boot with the EndeavourOS and go through the installation until you get to the partitioning. Create three partitions, one of these partitions is optional:
    • EFI Boot partition /boot/efi (if using EFI or create a /boot if you’re on MBR)
      • NOTE: In any case, when we create a /boot/efi, the system will also configure /boot in order to store the kernel and the initramfs. the EFI system partition (ESP) will contain the EFI boot loader.
      • Root (/)
      • Linux Swap (recommended but optional)
  • Once the Linux OS is installed, we can safely reboot and we should be presented with a GRUB menu where we can see both the Linux and Windows installations. Using the GRUB menu, we can then pick and chose what OS to boot into.
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