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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

I’ve spent some time over the past few months preparing to take the AWS Solutions Architect Associate level exam.

Happy to report I managed to pass the exam! How did I do it? I used the following to help me through the exam.


  • I used Adrian Cantrill’s training, he does a great job of going over every topic. His course can be found here.
  • I also used the AWS free tier which was quite crucial in making sure I properly understood the concepts
  • Tuturials Dojo practice test, although I didn’t do that many practice questions. However, Tuturials Dojo does an awesome job with creating questions that are harder than what’s on the actual exam


I found the exam to be quite interesting actually… There’s definitely a lot of content to go through, this is not the type of exam that you can pass if you don’t prepare or if you don’t have any experience. However, if you prepare for this exam with adequate time, you can can easily pass it.

The training from Adrian is actually quite good, he goes into depth but also covers the basics and makes sure that he properly explains the foundational information prior to jumping into the content. So for example, if you’ve worked in Networking, chances are, you have a good understanding of NAT, if you don’t, Adrian does a good job of explaining it in a way that you can understand the foundational knowledge and then be able to grasp the more complicated concepts.


I personally highly recommend the training on AWS or any other cloud for that matter. The cloud is becoming quite popular with many enterprises today, so the sooner you get to work with this technology, the better it will be for you down the road when looking for roles in the cloud space.

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