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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

This was the first exam in a series of certifications that I wanted to complete. the Cloud Practitioner exam is a good place to start if you want to learn about AWS. It covers the fundamental knowledge you’ll need for all the other certifications that Amazon offers. This exam is not a requirement for the other exams like the Solutions Architect Associate or Professional, however I highly recommend to start there as it will also get you used to taking the exams online with less stress, especially if you’re new to AWS and certification taking. The cost of the exam was 100 USD and I was able to do it online.

My Method of study:

  • Watch all the videos first
  • Go over the whitepapers
  • Hands on Labs until I feel comfortable
  • Practice tests – I used A Cloud Guru practice test as well as I bought a practice test from AWS
  • Depending on the practice test scores, if I have an area I am weak in, I would then go back and review the material until I understand it

I am now preparing for the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam so having passed this, definitely helps with learning the more advanced concepts that are covered in the solution architect associate exam.

I used the following Study material:

This is more than enough to pass the the practitioner exam, however for solution architect associate, these are a great resource.

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